What is an Allergy?

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An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of an individual towards one or more substances which may be harmless or even beneficial to the majority of other individuals. In other words, an allergy is an energy imbalance between the energy of the person and the substance causing unpleasant physical, physiological and/or psychological reactions.

Sources of allergies include:

  • Toxins from various sources: food, bacteria, fungus, virus, neurotoxins like mercury, MSG, radiation, etc.
  • Post-injuries, accidents, surgery, etc.
  • Genetically transmitted: inherited from grandparents or other family members
  • Deficiency and malabsorption disorders
  • Emotional traumas

How does an energy disturbance (allergy) in the body cause disease?

An allergen initiates an energy disturbance in the weakest part of the tissue in the body (e.g., muscle, bone, organ, etc.). The affected tissue is connected with one of the major twelve meridians (energy channels according to Chinese medicine) in the body. The affected tissue will initiate an energy blockage. This blockage then affects the other 11 meridians in a cyclical fashion leading to the circulation of less than optimal energy throughout the body.

If, however the involved allergen is located and deactivated with N.A.E.T., all the meridians will clear their energy disturbances.

To gain a better understanding of these concepts, we suggest that you read Good-bye to Illness by Dr. Devi Nambudripad, which is available for purchase in our office.

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