Massage is a general term for pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Massage therapists typically use their hands and fingers for massage but may also use their forearms, elbows and even feet. Massage may range from light stroking to deep pressure techniques. Massage can calm or stimulate the nervous system helping reduce stress and leave the client with a feeling of replenished energy.

Your Massage Experience

Soothing background music is used to assist in promoting a healing environment although silence can be provided, if you prefer may prefer silence. We generally maintain verbal silence during the session to help you reach a deeper state of relaxation, further deepening the massage experience. We encouraged you to provide feedback as needed to ensure comfort during the treatment.

We treat all massage clients with respect and dignity. During the massage, you will be draped to maintain privacy of your personal anatomy. We always treat you with conscience, ethical and respectful behavior to ensure your privacy and safety during sessions.

We use many types of massage techniques, including:

  • Deep Tissue Massage, a massage technique that releases the chronic patterns of tension in the deeper layers of muscle tissue through slow strokes and deep finger pressure on the contracted areas. Deep tissue massage uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, which is more superficial, but the pressure will generally be more intense. This type of massage is often used to treat chronic pain, limited mobility, recovery from injuries (e.g., whiplash, falls, sports injury), repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, postural problems, osteoarthritis pain, fibromyalgia, and muscle tension or spasm.
  • Hot Stone Massage, a specialty massage that uses smooth, heated stones to deeply relax and help tight muscles release. While the stones are delivering concentrated centers of heat, the therapist simultaneously massages the client with oiled, heated stones held in the palm of the hand with firm strokes along the muscles of the legs, arms, and torso areas.
  • Tuina, a Chinese medicine-based therapy that has been used for over 2,000 years, is used to treat or compliment the treatment of many conditions, especially specific musculoskeletal disorders and chronic stress-related disorders of the digestive, respiratory, and reproductive systems. The therapist uses a series of pressing, tapping, and kneading to remove blockages along the meridians of the body and stimulates the flow of Qi and blood to promote healing, similar to principles of acupuncture, moxibustion, and acupressure. Tuina’s massage-like techniques range from light stroking to deep-tissue work.

Benefits of Massage:

Although a single massage will be enjoyable, the effects of massage are cumulative and a course of massage treatments can bring the most benefits. In particular, massage has been shown to:

  • Promote relaxation
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve muscle and joint flexibility
  • Relieve headaches
  • Reduce post surgery adhesions
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce pain
  • Remove toxins
  • Improve digestion

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