How Does The Vibrational Frequency of Red Roses Heal?

Red Roses

Albert Einstein taught us through E = mc 2 that all things in life emit vibrational frequencies and that all things are simply energy in different vibrational forms. Basically, this means every cell that makes up you is energy as well as all colors on the spectrum wheel, therefore the energy of colors can affect your energy. It’s really that simple! Color Therapy uses color to assist the body in using its natural healing ability to balance itself. Color supports our vital life force by supplying light frequencies to our vibrational energetic system. In ancient times Egyptians built rooms that reflected the sun’s energy with different colors of glass because they understood that color affects people in different ways.

Our eyes can change light into electricity, which travels to our central nervous system and directs all body function. Each specific color frequency gets attracted to the area of our body that recognizes that specific vibrational frequency. In turn this can cause hormonal and cellular changes to occur in our electrical system, thereby bringing the body into balance with that specific color.

All seven colors on the spectrum make up white light, but if you separate them out, each color has its own specific vibration. Colors on the spectrum vibrate at different speeds, with red vibrating the slowest and purple vibrating the fastest. Red’s slower vibration is just above heat and has the ability to stimulate our bodies physically.

The specific areas of the body related to the color red are the base of the spine, the adrenal glands, kidneys and bladder, colon, spinal column, legs, and our vital force: the blood. Red represents iron, the substance in our veins that turns our blood red. It’s also associated with the fiery planet Mars–ruler of war, passion, and lust. Red is related to our physical bodies, our ability to self-preserve, survival instincts, primal needs, feeling grounded and secure, basic instincts, physical activity and being courageous. It is also connected to the feeling of “having” things. Essentially all things related to the first chakra energy level or all things associated with the lower body region.

Dr. Robert O. Becker, in his book, “Body Electric” states that the human body has a measurable electrical frequency and the state of health in a human can be measured by his overall vibrational frequency. Generally, a healthy body will resonate between 62-78 hz. Our body’s energy can be affected by thoughts, other people, environment, even toxic-laden food. It may interest you to know on the eve of Valentine’s Day, that the red rose has the highest vibrational frequency known among all flowers, resonating at a whopping 320 hz! No wonder we use it to woo our loved ones on that special day. Doesn’t that make sense? Have you ever suddenly had your breath taken away by a gorgeous, resonating bouquet of red roses (especially if they were for you!)? Think of what you do when given a red rose. Most people snuggle their nose into the rose to breathe in the scent and vibration. It’s as if somehow we intrinsically know the power of the color red and the beautiful geometry of rose mixed together will bring us to a higher state of consciousness. Who doesn’t want to reach Nirvana in a breath of a second? Outside of smelling roses, inhaling rose essential oils or placing one drop of it on the bottom of your feet or chest on the heart point will also raise your vibration. Studies show essential oils placed on the skin enter the body within 6-21 minutes. Voila, easy vibration fix!

So this Valentine’s Day (and beyond!) enjoy the good vibrations and rebalance your energy by wearing red and smelling the high frequencies of roses and rose essential oil. Contact the office if you want to get some rose essential oil for yourself or your loved ones!

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Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

– Dr. Venus Seleme

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