Pucker up and enjoy lemon water’s alkalizing benefits.


In preparation for the kick off of my February 16, 3-week Detoxification Program, I have begun my daily routine of drinking the juice of 1 lemon wedge in an 8 oz glass of filtered water. In fact, if you drink lemon water throughout the day you will find that daily elimination becomes much more regular as you begin to clear the liver and the gallbladder with the alkalizing effects of lemon juice. Alkaline is the preferred state for your body as disease and illness can only thrive and exist in an acid state.

woman_drinking_lemon_waterRegular intake of lemon juice can take care of constipation problems, by increasing peristalsis and clearing the toxins that have accumulated in the bowels. Most would believe lemons make your body more acidic based on the taste but the truth is you become more alkaline with the digestion of lemons. The metabolic by-product of digested lemon creates an alkaline ash in your body which causes the blood to become more alkaline. Lemons contain a vitamin most have never heard of. Vitamin P, which stands for bioflavonoids. These water soluble plant substances, improves capillary strength, lowers blood pressure and contains systemic anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemon is also a helpful stimulant for the liver as it helps to absorb toxins and dissolve uric acid while thinning and producing more bile. It can aid in digestion relieving belching and indigestion. Another side effect of sipping lemon water throughout the day is weight loss. Many added pounds are due to the increase burden of toxins that reside in our bodies as we age. This can make you bloated, fat and just plain miserable!

To reduce the amount of sugar, sodium and fat on salads and vegetables, use fresh squeezed lemon as a dressing. Just squeeze on your salad to give it an incredible boost in flavor and nutrients. Add fresh olive oil if preferred. In fact, I recommend only using fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice and olive oil as dressing during our detox programs.

FN_Ice-Cube-Tray-Lemon-Juice_s4x3.jpg.rend.snigalleryslideAnother great idea is to squeeze fresh, organic lemons into an ice cube tray and save. Melt in a glass of warm, filtered water anytime you want to give your body an alkalizing lift. As a reminder, do not add sweeteners like honey or sugar. This will reduce the alkalizing effects of lemon greatly.

When adding lemon juice to your diet always remember to go organic or go home! In addition, fresh is always best! So pucker up, enjoy, and feel better!

– Dr. Seleme

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