Success Stories

“A year ago, I had neck and spine surgery due to numbness and pain in my legs, arms, and hands.  In June, after some vigorous exercise I again experienced acute numbness in these same areas.  Panicked, I called Dr. Seleme.  She advised that tuning forks might help eliminate the numbness.  On my visit to her, she passed the vibrating tuning forks over my neck and spine and the numbness vanished!  I’m so grateful to Dr. Seleme for all the help she has provided over the years.  She’s a magnificent healer,” – Sandy C. 2017

“I’m surprised Dr Seleme doesn’t have more reviews on Yelp considering the fact that she is one of the most popular and experienced NAET allergy elimination doctors in Northern VA.

We’ve been seeing Dr Seleme for our sons extensive food allergies and Eczema for a few months now and her NAET treatment has been the only thing that has shown meaningful results.

For the past two years we’ve seen countless Naturopathic and homeopathic doctors in VA, MD, and DC (Dr Callahan, Dr Rind, Dr Wember, Dr Johnson, Dr Goldstein) for our sons condition. Although all the previous doctors used their best personal experiences to help us none of them managed to deliver lasting results.

Dr Seleme is experienced in all the key area of natural medicine and homeopathy that we’ve decided to stop seeing other doctors from this point forward and to work exclusively with her.

Her office assistant Edie is very helpful and friendly. And I would strongly suggest that you at a minimum try Dr Seleme’s NAET treatment plan first and then decide if you want to select someone else for your holistic medicine needs.

Results are what matters the most and the bottom line is for us she has been the only one that delivered them.” – Karan S.

“I had injured my neck and shoulder and went to a local chiro in Petersburg, VA who was not able to help me even after several sessions.  I drove 3 hours to see Dr. Seleme and after 1 session, I didn’t hurt anymore (after being in dire pain for over a week!)  Dr. Seleme is probably the most thorough, knowledgeable and caring doctor I have ever been to.  She takes time with her patients to find out what is bothering them and will work with you until she finds the source of your pain.  She is very progressive and has been educated in the latest healing systems. SHE IS A MIRACLE WORKER!!” – Sheryl J.

“Dr. Seleme helped me with my food allergy. After the treatment, I have eaten many different cheeses with no reaction. Thank you!” – Erik L.

“Before treatment, my son would get sick for days with a fever, exhaustion, and/or a rash anytime he accidentally ingested something with milk in it (any portion or compound of milk). It is so freeing not to have to worry about his every mouthful! Thank you!” – Susan L.

“Dr. Seleme helped me get off prescription allergy medicine and eliminate the sinus headaches that occurred with weather changes. She also helped me get my body back to normal with chiropractic care after two pregnancies and nursing my two children.” – Lisa D.

“Dr. Seleme helped me by listening! Everyone in the office is compassionate, professional and attentive. I felt heard by professionals who listened to my needs. By interacting with the different disciplines I have a greater knowledge of how my body works and how I can assist it in maintaining optimal health. Truly a healthy, informative, loving experience.” – Conrad P.

“Dr. Seleme helped me to address a variety of inter-related issues including back and joint pain, lymphedema, weight, sleep and accompanying emotional issues. The treatment I received was creative and very effective after a relatively short period of time.” – Ivan C.

“Dr. Seleme helped me by identifying my food sensitivites and then desensitizing them. She also helped me to practice healthier nutrition which has allowed me to experience a higher quality of life.” – Wendy D.

“Dr. Seleme helped me regain a sense of wellness. Whatever complaint, she has helped me overcome it. Knee pain: gone thru gentle adjustments and treatments. Migraines: gone through alternative treatment, detox diet and supplements. She is an informed, wise, intuitive healer and I am so glad I found her.” – Rodney A.

“I had been unable to turn my neck and had tingling and spasms in my upper back. Dr. Seleme helped me release the back, neck and shoulder pain that had been aching for months. Now after two treatments I am on the road to recovery and can move freely again.” – Joyce Z.

“Dr. Seleme helped me to reestablish a full range of daily activities after treatment. She improved the quality of my life through various non-invasive methods, and restored function that had been compromised.” – Frank F.

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