Straight from Dr. Seleme

D-day tomorrow. The big 50-miler. Country roads, morning sun, cool wind blowing in my face and me racing down 50 miles of black road ahead of me to finish the back roads century race. Must admit, not as trained as I would like, but damn the torpedoes. Weather is going to be beautiful and I am totally excited to do this thing. Went for a small 10-mile ride this morning just to prepare the legs for the ride.

Yeah, for dinner tonight I get to eat pasta to load up the carbs for glycogen stores tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for a safe and successful ride for me and the other 2,000 riders. Gonna just keep thinking of the total and complete sense of satisfaction when I am done and the big stack of blueberry pancakes I will inhale upon finishing.Yippee!!!

If anyone is interested in the ride or possibly joining in at the next ride you can read more about it at Will chime in on how I do after the race tomorrow, stay tuned……Yikes!!

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