Remote Sessions

Improving your health with the help of Dr. Seleme does not have to be limited by physical distance.  Consider a remote session with her via Skype or phone call.  You will receive customized and vital information that can help you achieve the wellness you desire while in the comfort of your own home.

Initial consultation will be 1-2 hours and she will:

  • review individual case history and any present medication and nutritional supplementation
  • guide you through muscle testing for your needs
  • recommend nutritional protocols and dosage information, along with any physical detoxification protocols as needed
  • lead you through guided imagery meditations or energy work, if desired

Follow-up consultations will usually be 30-60 minutes (for longer sessions as recommended by Dr. Seleme, please choose the appropriate length in the drop-down menu).  During these sessions, Dr. Seleme will cover progress and assess current state of wellness to adjust her health recommendations/instructions as she sees fit.

Questions?  Email drseleme (at)

Ready to book a session?  Please:
1.  Fill out the form below and click on the “Submit” button.
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Dr. Seleme will contact you soon after form submission and payment to confirm or coordinate your remote session time.  Note that appointment can only be secured once payment is made.

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