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Emily Do
Design & Brand Director, Usui Reiki Master & Access Bars Practitioner

Ever since Emily Do was a child, she has been deeply interested in spiritual matters—including fine art, philosophy, metaphysics, and natural healing methods.  She earned a BFA in Painting from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2009 and has exhibited her abstract, oil paintings in galleries in Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and in New York, NY.  Alongside her continued art practice, she has further studied spiritual and metaphysical subjects including yoga, meditation, aikido, kiatsu, crystal healing, color and sound therapy, aromatherapy, nutrition, Reconnection Healing, Pranic Healing, and Reiki.  She became a certified Usui Reiki Master in 2013 and a certified Access Bars Practitioner in 2016.

She believes that one of her purposes in life is to help others discover their natural state of happiness and wellness through the tools and processes of the fine and healing arts.

For more information on Emily and her work, visit https://www.emilydo.com.


Stephanie Courtneyheadshot3
Energy Wellness Consultant, Award Winning Author

Many years ago I discovered the power of vibrational therapy while navigating my own personal health journey. Treatment for ruptured disks, followed by a car accident in 1999 left me with physical, mental and emotional challenges that led me to discover biofeedback therapies. As my recovery progressed, my journey took me along a holistic health path. I discovered the human body’s amazing capability to reset and recover itself after any sort of trauma, under the right conditions. Gradually I became aware that as beings, we are a symphony of vibrations. Everything we are exposed to affects our delicate balance of optimal function. Water, food, words, thoughts, ideas, emotions, sounds, chemicals; everything has a vibration which affects the state of “wellness” in our physical bodies and our life experience in total. I find it so amazing that we can “choose” wellness by understanding and implementing practices that clear and balance the vibrational health of the body. The end result is a wonderful space where our bodies can reset, rebuild and and heal themselves on all levels.  My love for learning about energy and vibration, has lead me on a path of discovery of powerful and effective ways to clear and balance the systems of the body using energy. All of the energy modalities I use promote wellness in this capacity.

Energy Modalities : 

Certified Sound Therapist
New Paradigm MDT Basic Master
Usui Reiki Master
Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, Practitioner,  & Energetic Facelift Practitioner
Positive EFT Practitioner, & Emotrance Practitioner
Ordained Minister, Order of Melchizedek
Tuning Forks
LLLT- Low Level Light Laser Therapy


The Healing Power of Light
Intro to Sound Healing
Intro to Vocal Toning
Navigating the Energy Shift
Weekly Sound Balancing  & Earth Ground sessions for the public
Access Bars Practitioner classes

For more information on Stephanie and her work, visit https://www.facebook.com/scEnergyInFlow.

Katie Maconaughey
Office Manager






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