Dr. Seleme

Dr. Venus Seleme is a Licensed Board Certified Doctor in Chiropractic Medicine, a Certified Applied Kinesiologist (A.K.), Certified Biological Medicine (CBM), Physician Acupuncturist earning a Fellowship with the International Academy of Medical Acupuncture (F.I.A.M.A.) — and more!

Here is a list of her other certifications:

  • N.A.E.T. Food and Environmental Desensitization
  • Cox Decompression for Disc Herniation
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Brimhall Wellness

In addition, Dr. Seleme received her B.S. in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Maryland, in 1991, graduated Cum Laude with her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker Chiropractic College in Dallas, Texas in 1998.

She has been a guest speaker for The College of Energetix Medicine, Physician Grand Rounds at Fairfax Hospital as well as for the Northern Virginia Nurses and Pediatric Lactation Consultants at George Washington University Hospital. She also regularly holds lectures on a variety of health topics especially in the DMV metro area and across the United States. Her most well-known lecture topics include “Face Diagnosis and Detoxification” and “Glycemic Index and Weight Loss”.

Her passion is teaching patients the complexity and multidimensional nature of the human body. The components of the human body work as a whole and therefore the entire body needs to be considered when healing from acute or chronic illness and disease. Teaching about chronic illness, their root cause, and the many ways to heal is Dr. Seleme’s specialty.

Having suffered from the devastating effects of Lyme Disease herself, she knows what it takes to recover from a chronic illness. Dr. Seleme uses many therapies and techniques in her practice and a particular area of expertise is detoxification. She has assisted many patients for years using basic and advanced detoxification methods. This is a primary area of concern for all who wish to heal from chronic health problems. She lives by the philosophies that food is a medicine, that the body is a temple that needs and deserves care, and anything is possible.

She offers Remote Consulting Sessions thru Skype or one-on-one consultations in the office. Her office holds 21-day Group Detoxification Sessions twice per year and mini 10-day cleanses throughout the year. She also has a line of healthcare products available for purchase at her office and online.

A life-long learner, Dr. Seleme is currently working toward obtaining her dual certification with the Board of Chiropractic Internist and Nutrition.

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