No More Survival of the Fittest – It’s Survival of the Most Detoxed!

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Our Liver, Kidneys And The Colon – Which Are “The Sewer System” Of The Body – All Require Periodic Cleaning Just Like Your Teeth, Your House And Your Car.

Your amazing body does countless functions to keep you going. With every second, eight million blood cells die off and another eight million are made. Each day your kidneys filter about two hundred quarts of blood. That’s seventy-three thousand quarts of blood per year! Your heart pumps more than one-hundred thousand times per day, thirty-seven million beats per year. But does it ever take a break or a vacation? Never! Somewhere below, your liver is busy performing five-hundred different functions to detoxify so that it does not overload with waste or poisons and die.

What Is Detoxification?
Your body has its own natural methods of cleansing itself in order to rid the organs, blood and tissues of any by-products of metabolic breakdown and toxicity. When the poisons inside you have been purged, degeneration is arrested. In this way, harmful germs and infectious pathogens cannot attack your bodies’ systems. Your body’s natural healing mechanisms repair and restore optimum health.

So Why Do You Need To Detoxify?
We’re living in a world that contains more man-made chemicals than at any time in history. Food, air and water contain pesticides, chemicals, residual industrial waste, petroleum discharges, antibiotics and xenoestrogens. If you wish to live a long and healthy life, you need to protect your own body and periodically detoxify. Try to stay ahead of the “retoxification” process that your body systematically does on a daily basis.

When Is The Best Time For You To Detoxify?
It’s best to cleanse your body twice a year. The best times to do it is during spring and fall. Spring is a high liver season, and a great opportunity for the beginning of cleansing. Fall is a high spleen season, and it is an excellent time to strengthen your immunity.

If You Experience One Or More Of The Following, THEN IT’S TIME TO DETOX!!
Flatulence – Gas – Bloating – Excess Weight – Joint Aches and Pains – Impaired Digestion – Irritability – Mood Swings – Bad Breath – Foul-Smelling Stools – Frequent Fatigue – Low Energy – Recurring Headaches – Constipation – Protruding Belly (Pooch) – Powerful Food Cravings – Skin Problems – Metallic Taste in Mouth

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The Detox Solution by Patricia Fitzgerald, ND
Natural Detoxification by Jacqueline Krohn, ND
The Tao of Detox by Daniel Reid

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