Letter to All Patients: New Changes at Seleme Wellness Center

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Wonderful Patients and Friends,

As I write this, I am sure you all are busy getting ready to move into the holiday season.  This email serves as an update on the latest shifts occurring at Seleme Wellness.  Recently, I have begun to move into a direction of healing in group settings, teaching wellness and transformative alchemy, creating group retreats, and opening a consciousness center and store called “Ground Gaia”.  I have been working to help hold energy for so many of my patients as our environment and society is ever changing and shifting in many ways. I know societal changes while radical, ultimately keep the world a better place as we continue to stay challenged and on our toes! Being mindful of my beliefs that you must be true to your authentic self, so you can lead the healthiest life, I have decided as of February 1, 2018 until the fall of 2018, I will no longer be accepting patient appointments. I will be taking a hiatus from active practice to complete an extensive list of long overdue writing projects, as well as my new endeavor, opening the Metaphysical and Consciousness Center, Ground Gaia in the city of downtown Fairfax.

My updated detoxification book, cellulite oil, organic millet/kapok back and neck pillows, will still be available through www.drseleme.com, as well as at our store, Ground Gaia.  For your convenience, those of you interested in still purchasing frequently used supplements, below are the instructions on how to purchase with my personal online pharmacy information.  Here you can buy the majority of supplements, with the exception of a few companies.

During this transition time, consults regarding specific and in-depth concerns will be addressed via pre scheduled phone appointments.  These consults can be scheduled by going to www.drseleme.com,  under the Services tab click on Remote Sessions, scroll down and fill in the requested information.  Phone consults will be considered as an office appointment at $125 for 0-30 minutes.  All payments can be made through www.drseleme.com and must be made 24 hours prior to the scheduled phone consult.

I have always had a passion for educating people on the benefits of healthy living and will continue to do so.  I will be sending out invitations and updates to various workshops/retreats such as; Healthy Detoxification, Essential Oils and Their Uses, The Truth About the Food You’re Eating, Inner Child Healing and Finding Your Authentic Self, and many more.  I am very excited about the opening of Ground Gaia, where we will also have many educational and cutting-edge classes for healing.  Look for our emails advertising Sound Frequency Therapy, Do Crystals Really Have Healing Vibration, Maintaining Wellness Through Essential Oils, Raising Your Vibrational Frequency for Health, and Healing with Sacred Heart Intention.  Please look forward to my educational videos on YouTube under my name: Dr. Seleme: The Transformative Alchemist, as well as webinars, and other public speaking engagements.

I am truly excited and look forward to helping people bridge the connection of body, mind, and spirit to heal in a whole new light and dimension.  Please look for our future events at www.drseleme.com and coming soon www.groundgaia.com. Thank you for your compassion and understanding and for being on this 20-year journey with me.  I hope to see you in all my future endeavors.


With eternal gratitude,

Dr. Venus A. Seleme

For those patients who wish to purchase frequently used supplements, please follow the instructions below.  To ensure you’re receiving the highest quality products use these methods to order:

Natural Partners: For supplements from: Pure Encapsulations, Seroyal, Thorne, Allergy Research Group, Bezwecken, Gaia Herbs, Genestra, and Vitanica (among many others)
Call 1-888-950-2767 and say the code: Peace and Calming, OR to order online visit: www.npscript.com/drseleme to set up your own account

Nutri-West: Call: 1-866-502-1200 and say Dr. Seleme’s name

Thorne: Call: 1-800-228-1966 Call and use code: HCP1002917 (Can also order through Natural Partners).

Biotics: Call 1-800-524-5183 and say Dr. Seleme’s name

Mountain State Health Products: Call 1-800-647-0074 and say Dr. Seleme’s name. OR go to www.mhpvitamins.com Click on the tab “Log In” located at the top of the page, click on the purple button labeled “create an account” to set up your account as a patient and put in code: selem (note there isn’t an “e” at the end).

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