Healing your body: Be Aware and Believe

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As a doctor who treats many different types of body pain, I often recognize in my patients small things that everyone could benefit from to keep their bodies in better shape and therefore pain-free. It’s ironic that most of these things are very simple changes, it just so happens that people just haven’t been told about them yet. I believe the first part of any positive step for change is being “AWARE” that change needs to happen. Until you are completely aware of the action or  inaction you cannot make the change.

So to be aware of your activities of daily living, watch how you sit at the computer.  Look at how many times in a day you wrench your head down to text, ipad or phone someone. How many hours in a day do you sit at the computer screen? Did you know sitting is the highest pressure you can put on your back leading to disc hernias?  Sitting improperly increases your risk even more for spine damage. Are you bending and lifting  your children all day long or perhaps you have a job as a postal worker, hair dresser or dentist where looking down is a must. Its these constant acitivities of daily living that wear the body down over a period of years.

The first action required to make a change is to begin the Reversal of Time exercise and motions I talk about to my patients. These exercises are posted on my website for everyone to download and begin. The body has a very distinct way of aging and one of the most prominent is that water content decreases with age in the connective tissue known as the tendons, ligaments and discs of the spine.  This makes the tissues stiffer and less able to tolerate stress. This is also one reason we begin to lose height as we age. Unfortunately, if we don’t do something about it, we all really could be that dreaded picture of that hunched over little old lady or man as we age! That’s the bad news, the good news is IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! We do have the power to stop, reverse or change that. This brings me to my next requirement about making positive changes to your health.

The second requirement is to “BELIEVE’ that healing is possible. I feel the hierarchy of health begins in our thought processes. Believing in your power to heal has everything to do with becoming well. We have to become aware of our own thoughts and self talk. It’s also what others have taught us about ourselves that can set us off on a life long negative belief system about our abilities to have the power to change. We can spend our entire lives trying to reverse these damaging beliefs once we are AWARE they are there.  This has more damaging effects than any physical harm we can do to our bodies. If you can comprehend that just thinking about a juicy cheeseburger makes your mouth water and stomach growl or that daydreaming about a sunny day at the beach makes you smile, imagine what negative self talk and preprogrammed negative thoughts can do to your body on a cellular level that then manifest as pain and inflammation. I absolutely love this blog written by Bruce Lipton on Believing you can Heal. You can read it too on  http://www.healyourlife.com/author-bruce-h-lipton-phd/2011/03/lifeshelp/get-healthy/believe-you-can. Sit with this thought and begin to notice all the ways you sabotage your healing by “listening to your self talk” and soon you will become AWARE enough to begin to change! It all starts with a thought!

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