Chiro Myths

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MYTH ONE: Chiropractors are not real doctors

False. In fact, chiropractors actually attend more hours of education than a typical M.D. The course studies are actually very similar at their core. Later on in their studies, medical doctors study pharmacology and chiropractors study adjustment techniques and physiology. Typically, a chiropractor must have a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Doctorate. Chiropractors must be licensed in the same way as any other doctor. He or she has to pass four Board tests and often a State exam after that. If the chiropractic doctor wants to add a physical therapist to their practice, they must take another Board exam.

MYTH TWO: There is no scientific research to back up chiropractic medicine

False. Unfortunately, lots of people believe this myth. The truth is, however, that chiropractic is supported by empirical data that proves it is beneficial in reducing injuries, surgeries and overall medical costs for a growing number of people. Independent research is very supportive of chiropractic medicine. Paul G. Shekelle, M.D., M.P.H., of the prestigious RAND Corporation, a non-profit research organization that conducts research on important and complicated issues, made the following statement on ABC’s 20/20: “There are considerably more randomized controlled trials which show benefit of this (chiropractic care) than there are for many, many other things which physicians and neurosurgeons do all the time.”

Chiropractic medicine has progressively accumulated more and more scientific research supporting its effectiveness and safety.

MYTH THREE: Chiropractic medicine is too expensive and it is not covered by health insurance

False. Studies that have proven the scientific foundation of chiropractic medicine have also proven the cost-effectiveness of the practice. Particularly in the area of low back pain and injuries, chiropractic medicine has been shown to reduce overall costs of treatment, and prevention of relapse that cause time out of work and a higher number of insurance claims.

Most major insurance plans accept chiropractic medicine as a mainstream health care choice for primary care and treatment. Because chiropractic medicine is now routinely covered by insurance, under most insurance plans a client no longer needs to first obtain a referral from a medical doctor before seeking chiropractic care. Check your own health insurance policy and you may be pleasantly surprised that your chiropractic health care is a permitted expense.

MYTH FOUR: Chiropractic adjustments will cause you to have a stroke.

False. This myth is not only false; it creates unnecessary fear and reluctance to try chiropractic health care. In fact, your chances of having a stroke from chiropractic care are about the same as your chances of being hit by lightning. Your risk of having a stroke from the daily aspirin you may take to prevent a heart attack is about 70,000 times greater than your risk of having a stroke from a chiropractic adjustment. You are 37,000 times more likely to have a stroke for no known reason at all than you are from chiropractic health care.

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