Awaken & Heal Your Inner Child Retreat (April 15-17, 2016)


Have you lost your zest for life? Has your direction in life become unclear, confusing, or lacking? Have you thought to yourself that there must be something more? Does your soul yearn for something that seems mysterious or unattainable?

If so, then you may want to consider reconnecting with your inner child through my weekend retreat from April 15-17, 2016. I am very excited to offer this workshop to help you rediscover your true self. Save the date for a fantastic weekend of:

    • chakra clearing and energizing
    • guided meditation
    • sound healing with crystal singing bowls
    • deep connections and insights
    • fun creative activities and games
    • guided, playful, story yoga classes
    • optional reiki sessions and angel card readings
    • delicious vegetarian meals

all at Yogaville’s Lotus Conference Center! This is the perfect setting to embark on an inner journey. We will be set against the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the James River Valley, wooded hiking trails, breath-taking vistas, serene lakeside oases and artfully landscaped shrines. This inspiring and restorative setting allows communion with nature and furthers the experience of connection with your inner Self. Here, you can take a step back; immerse yourself in silence; emerge refreshed—mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Space is limited to 18 participants, so register as soon as possible to reserve your spot! Last day for registration is April 1st and we’ll be sending out reminders of our retreat, so no excuses for not registering on time! 🙂 Check the eventbrite page for live updates on available rooms.

The cost of the retreat will vary depending on the type of sleeping arrangements you choose. During our retreat, we will be discovering, playing, healing, and staying at a community lodge called the Lotus Conference Center at Yogaville.

The Lotus Conference Center is located on 750 acres of tranquil countryside in Central Virginia, at Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville. Sitting high atop an overlook, the Center offers magnificent views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the James River. The Lotus Conference Center provides private, semi-private, and dormitory-style rooms. All the rooms are comfortable and come with private baths.

Among the features, facilities, and programs available to Lotus Conference Center participants:

* Meeting room – fully carpeted, with many windows with a beautiful view of the James River valley and Blue Ridge Mountains.
* Living room with comfortable seating.
* Visits to the Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS) dedicated to the principle that “Truth is One, Paths are Many.”
* Saturday night programs (satsang) at Sivananda Hall with kirtan (chanting), special guest speakers and video of H.H. Sri Swami Satchidananda.
* Bookstore, library, gift shop and Cafe.
* Swimming in a 16-acre stream-fed lake located on the property.
* Scenic walking trails.
* Indoor sauna, outdoor hot tub (in season)

Below is a list of the number of available types of rooms, sleeping arrangements, and the total cost of the retreat based on the type of room. (Check our Eventbrite page for live updates on available rooms)

Awaken & Heal Your Inner Child Retreat
Lodging Options
# Available Description Bed Description Total Cost*
1 Private Master BR 1 Queen Bed $495
3 Private BR 2 Twin Beds $450
2 Shared Dorm 2 Bunk Beds $405
1 Shared Dorm 3 Bunk Beds $395
*The total cost covers the entire retreat weekend: tuition, room, food, and supplies.
Your choice and payment will count for one individual registration & reserve one bed in the chosen room. If reserving the queen bed for one individual, payment for two spots will be required.


While all food and supplies are included in your registration (including yoga mats, blankets, and props), please bring the following personal items with you:

  • pajamas (we’ll be having a pajama party as one activity!)
  • toiletries
  • change of clothes for the weekend
  • reusable water bottle
  • your own yoga mat, if desired


Yogaville is a coffee-free and vegetarian environment. However, black and herbal teas will be available.


  • Last day to cancel for full refund: April 1.
  • Cancel by April 8 and receive a 50% refund.
  • Cancel within 3 days of retreat start: receive a $100 refund.


Please fill out the registration request form below. We will contact you to process payment. If you run into any issues, please contact us. You may also register through eventbrite.

Awaken & Heal Your Inner Child Retreat

  • Price is total cost for the entire retreat weekend: tuition, room, food, & supplies. Your choice and payment will count for one individual registration & reserve one bed in the chosen room.
  • $0.00

Call us at (703) 273-0573 or email us at

Pathways Natural Living Expo (April 3, 2016)


We’re back at Pathways Natural Living Expo on Sun. April 3, 2016.

Stop by our booth to say hi or introduce a friend or loved one who could benefit from our amazing health products and services. Dr. Seleme will be speaking again on the importance of detoxification and how we can even read our faces to see where in our body is struggling to function properly. She will be available for face diagnosis readings throughout the day. Emily Do will also be available for 15-30 minute Reiki sessions–perfect for trying out this gentle healing modality. We’ll also be offering Dr. Seleme’s line of Seleme Health products: pain-relief salves, detoxifying bath salts, organic millet pillow, coffee scrub bars, and magnesium oil sprays.

And for only $10 (with coupon, found online or through our office), you can attend Dr. Seleme’s lecture as well as any of the other 56 workshops and 156 vendors! See below for more information. We hope to see you there!

Pathways Natural Living Expo
Enjoy 150 Exhibitors Who Heal, Entertain, Enlighten
and Offer Lots Of Wonderful Products.
Choose From 56 Dynamic, Creative Mind, Body, Spirit Workshops
All Included in the $10 price of admission (with coupon) 

Sunday, April 3, 2016
10 am – 7 pm

College Park Marriott & Conference Center,
3501 University Blvd., East, Hyattsville, MD 20783
We are going back to the newly renovated site on the University of Maryland Campus
Free Indoor Parking

We’ll be at booth #75 and Dr. Seleme will be giving a lecture on Face Diagnosis and Detoxification at 1:00 pm at Room # 1105.
Additional information and discount coupons at

FREE Meetup: Detoxify Your Home – Living a Chemical-free Life (Feb. 28, 2016)


Did you know most household cleaners are so toxic they can cause anything from cancer to nervous system damage. Lurking in most households are 500-1,000 hidden toxins. Come and learn how to avoid these toxic chemicals in your home that affect cellular, mental and respiratory functions of your body.

This Sunday, February 28, 2016, we will identify some of the most common toxins we are exposed to daily and show you how to replace them with safe essential oils as well as other natural and effective cleaning products.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of green cleaning. Receive easy and safe DIY recipes for replacing toxic cleaning chemicals in your home. Simple and easy recipes for health, home and beauty products.

Indoor air is often more polluted than outdoor air due to chemicals and molds being trapped in wall-to-wall carpets, home insulation and air filters. Learn techniques to cleanse the air in your bedroom, kitchen and children’s room to enhance your body health.

I’m passionate about teaching people simple and natural solutions to create more health for our body, our emotions, as well as our homes. I will show you how you can get these wonderful oils for yourself, family and friends. Learn why I, a holistic health practitioner for over 18 years, choose to only work with Young Living’s pure, therapeutic essential oils.

Everyone will receive a free sample of your choice: Tea Tree or Citrus Fresh Essential Oils.

This event is FREE and seating is limited, so RSVP now through or on Facebook! If you happen to be unable to attend, please make sure to update your RSVP. Thank you! Hope to see you there!

– Dr. Venus Seleme

December Essential Oil Workshops


This December, I will be participating in TWO E.O. workshops this month with Carol Christoforatos, an experienced Young Living Essential Oils Representative.

We will be sharing a lot of useful and interesting information about the oils (e.g. how to use them for your health, home, and even pets!) and giving them out as samples.

The 1st workshop takes place:

THIS SUNDAY, December 6, 2015
4002 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030
FREE admission
Limited Seating, so please RSVP through Meetup or Facebook

The 2nd workshop takes place:

Friday, December 11, 2015
Hilton Garden Inn, 1060 Hospitality Ln, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Register by emailing or by calling (763) 545-7347 no later than Monday, December 7, 2015!

Before this 2nd workshop, we will be meeting for an optional dinner at the Bavarian Chef Restaurant (200 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksburg, VA 22401). Meals range from $19-$35 plus tax & tip. Call us at (703) 273-0573 to RSVP for dinner. All are welcome to join us! We are also offering carpooling to the restaurant and workshop location, so please let us know if you would be interested in joining our carpool.

This 2nd workshop will also be phenomenal because it will be led by Cherie Ross, a world renowned Royal Diamond Young Living Representative who received a large portion of her training directly from D. Gary Young–the founder of Young Living. She spends a large portion of her year traveling with him around the world helping him oversee all YL farms as well as working in the labs testing plants to identify new and exclusive E.O.s that YL has. This workshop will not be one to miss! The last time she was here was in 2001!

We are very excited to see you we look forward to your participation in these workshops! Please share these events with friends and family!

Dr. Venus Seleme







FREE Introduction to Essential Oils for Health, Beauty, & Home!

YL essential oils

Do you know you can use essential oils for mood support, beauty and health as well as cleaning products?

Come and learn how to use essential oils to take charge of your health. Join me on Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015 from 7-9pm in learning how simple and effective essential oil use can be and how to use them to support optimal wellness in your life and home! You can replace toxic beauty and chemical cleaners in your environment with safe and beautiful smelling essential oils that are much more effective. You can use these oils for just about anything!

We will focus on the basics of essential oils – where they come from, why sourcing matters, and how to easily incorporate them into your daily routine.

I’m passionate about teaching people simple and natural solutions to create more health for our body, our emotions, as well as our homes. I will show you how you can get these wonderful oils for yourself, family and friends. Learn why I, a holistic health practitioner, choose to only work with Young Living’s essential oils.

Everyone will receive a free sample of your choice: Christmas Spirit or Citrus Fresh Essential Oils.

There will also be 2 drawings for:

Fresh Lavender Bath Salts

Frankincense & Lavender Face Serum
We will meet at:
4002 University Drive, Fairfax, VA
Sunday, December 6, 2015
1 – 3 pm

This meetup is FREE and seating is limited, so RSVP now on! If you happen to be unable to attend, please make sure to update your RSVP. Thank you! Hope to see you there!

FREE Introduction to Essential Oils for Health, Beauty, & Home!

Sunday, Dec 6, 2015, 1:00 PM

(private office)
4002 University Drive Fairfax, VA

1 Health-Conscious Members Attending

Do you know you can use essential oils for mood support, beauty and health as well as cleaning products? Come and learn how to use essential oils to take charge of your health. Join me in learning how simple and effective essential oil use can be and how to use them to support optimal wellness in your life and home! You can replace toxic beauty and…

Check out this Meetup →

– Dr. Venus Seleme


Day 1 Fall Group 21-Day Cleanse



I actually got up this morning feeling very motivated for the beginning of this year’s Fall Cleanse to start. I am sure I have been wining and dining a little too much with my annual “I’m sad summer is ending party” this past month. Not to mention it was a birthday month for me and everyone knows you must celebrate the entire month long for it to mean anything, because after a while you just begin to get numb to the idea of ANOTHER birthday!!

Well time to pay back…to my health that is. Something everyone should do to keep the balance of good health. You know, live a little, pay a little. Sometimes it’s live a lot and pay a lot and now is one of those times. So for the next 21 days I will remove all gluten, soy, dairy, red meat, corn, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and fun from my diet!

On page 7 in the “Before you begin” section of the Seleme Health Cleanse Manual it suggests to reflect on your life and important people in it and why do you need the cleanse, what does it mean to your body mind and spirit? I feel it’s important to understand that people can be just as toxic as food. The energy of negative or emotional vampires can be just as detrimental to your health and well being as what you eat. As I made my list this Fall season I found it was very different from the Spring list. The falling leaves and the cold quickly approaching has given my energy now a different feel. I am feeling all the inward self-reflection and wanting to cultivate my body and mind . The Lungs are associated with the Fall season and they are connected with “letting go” of things that no longer serve you, people, ideas, memories, so that you can go inward and heal and bring new energy once more in the Springtime.

My list has more spiritual aspirations this time around, in that I’m wanting to understand the ways and whys of the energetic universe. Probably thoughts all humans ponder at some point in their life. I want to know the connections in all things related to the cosmic forces and my life force. The meaning in plants, animals and the sky around us. I’ll be honest and say I also want to understand the “why” in why some people act the way they do but again my frame of mind now is to know there is a reason for everything and that is which I seek to understand this time around. As for my list of toxic people, rather than sending them away this time, I release anger and resentment and send them energetically, light filled with hope, laughter, love and healing. Words I have lived my life by.

It’s only the morning of Day 1 and already I am feeling better emotionally. Ask me again in 5 days how I am feeling after no sugar, caffeine, meat or wine and I may be a drooling, desperate fire breathing dragon but for now I am a happy camper!  I started the morning with a detox protein shake and cup of bone broth. Next I made grain free pancakes with eggs, almond butter and bananas and washed it down with a cup of dandelion tea. Mmm, mmm good! Need to get ready to give a lecture on “Face Diagnosis and Detoxification” at the Illuminate Frederick Mind-Body-Spirit Festival this afternoon. Can’t think of a more appropriate way to begin this 21-Day jouney! Bring on the healing!


Detoxification and Face Diagnosis Lecture/Workshop @ Illuminate, Frederick

Please join me this Sunday, Oct. 18, 2015 at Illuminate, Frederick–a Mind-Body-Spirit Festival, for a very informative and practical lecture on detoxification and face diagnosis. You may be surprised to hear about what toxins we ingest through our food and from the environment–unable to be released from your body without your help, and what your face (& teeth!) can tell you about your health, and what easy steps you can take to begin detoxifying for boosting your health. I’ll be answering questions like:

– What are the genetic vs. environmental factors to aging?
– Where does all this toxicity come from?
– How do toxins effect your body?
– Which parts of your face correlate with which organs in your body?
– What do the lines/wrinkles, pimples, puffiness, and colors on your face say about your health?
– And can you change them?
– What is the proper way to begin a detoxification cleanse?
– Where do you start and how do you finish?
– How often should you cleanse?
– What are you allowed to eat during a cleanse?
– What things you can do, easily, to increase the benefits of a cleanse?

$5 admission covers my workshop and others at the event, which lasts between 10 am – 6 pm!

This festival features acupuncture, massage, reiki, reflexology, tarot, intuitive readers, astrologers, psychic mediums, crystals, handmade gifts, luxurious spa products, and much more!

Please visit for more information. I hope to see you there!FallPostcard2015cropped

Pathways Natural Living Expo – Fall 2015

Please join me and the Seleme Health team at the 42nd Natural Living Expo on Sunday, September 27th, 2015 (10 am – 7 pm). It is a powerful opportunity to explore, learn, shop, play, network and have a great day. There are 125 Exhibitors who heal, entertain, enlighten and offer lot’s of wonderful products and 63 dynamic workshops.

At only $10, it’s cheaper than most movies. You can attend up to 8 workshops of the 63 that are offered, all included in the $10 price of admission. You can learn about alternative medicine, get a massage and other healing services; a psychic, tarot, shamanic or face reading; and peruse hundreds of unique products.

I will be selling my line of Seleme Health products, giving a lecture on face diagnosis and detoxification at 12:30 pm, and offering individual face diagnosis readings throughout the rest of the day. You won’t want to miss my lecture packed with vital information on why and how to get your health back on track! Emily Do will also be at my booth (#100) offering 15 minute refreshing Reiki sessions by appointment throughout the day–this is a great opportunity to try out this gentle energy healing modality.

The Expo will be held at the Fairview Park Marriott conveniently located in Falls Church, VA, right off the Beltway at Rt. 50. There is a huge free parking garage on-site.

You can go to for a complete Expo program, discount coupons and directions. Click here for a .pdf file of the expo itinerary and vendor descriptions: Fall 2015 Natural Living Expo Programs.

Look for us at booth #100!

Please share this event with friends and family. We look forward to seeing you there!


Dr. Venus Seleme & Seleme Health Team

Face Diagnosis and Detoxification Lecture


Please join me, Dr. Venus Seleme, for an informative and practical lecture on detoxification and face diagnosis. I will be covering the following topics:

What do the lines on your face tell about your health?

Can I change the facial lines?

What are genetic vs. environmental factors to aging?

Where does all this toxicity come from?

How do toxins effect your body?

The proper way to begin a detoxification cleanse.

Where do you start and how do you finish?

How often should I cleanse?

What am I allowed to eat?

Things I can do to increase the benefits of the cleanse.


Sunday, June 7, 2015
2:00 – 3:30 PM
Sherwood Community Center
3740 Old Lee Hwy
Fairfax, VA 22030

You can RSVP by calling the office, or on Meetup and Facebook!


I hope to see you there!
Dr. Venus Seleme


Detox Program New Start Date — March 1, 2015!


Dear Patients,

Some of you may be familiar with the term mercury retrograde, which refers to a 3-week period when Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky.  During this time, miscommunications, issues with technology and electronics, and breakdowns in mental processes tend to take place more often than others.  And we at Seleme Chiropractic were no exception to its effects!  Some of our supplies for the detox program have been delayed either in its production or delivery to us, so we have decided to push the start date to March 1, 2015.

We find that this is actually a blessing in disguise, since this will allow you more time to gently detox/prepare for the program AND we’ll be closer to springtime, which is the ideal time to detoxify, according to Chinese theory.  So in a way, we give thanks to Mercury Retrograde for aligning us with the best time for a cleanse!


For those of you still wondering if this program is right for you, here is some more information:

We are living in a world that contains more man-made chemicals than any other time in human history. Through the food, air and water we ingest substances into our systems that we were not designed to handle — substances like pesticides, chemicals, residual industrial waste, and petroleum discharge. Studies show that most people have between 400 and 800 chemical residues stored in the fat cells of our bodies. And that’s not good or healthy!

Because of our our bodies are often overloaded with toxins, I have created the Body Purification Cleanse Program–a gentle detoxification protocol designed to cleanse the body’s filters: the colon, liver and kidneys. My system is easy to follow and because of how I’ve ordered the cleanse, it will be rare for anyone to suffer from detoxification die off.


After you register, you will receive my Seleme Health Detox Box which contains all the supplements needed during the cleanse.  Over the period of 3 weeks, at 2-3 times per day, you will be taking a specific variety of these supplements to help your body’s major organs to cleanse and detoxify.  You will be eating a specific wide variety of fresh and healthier foods to support your body during this time.  The program manual will provide clear directions, information, charts, diagrams, and useful tips for other practices to help you maximize your cleanse.  If you have any questions or need some motivation and accountability, you will have access to support directly from me and other program participants via membership to a private Facebook group.


  • MediClear Plus
    protein shake; repairs digestive reconnective tissue
  • Colon Plus Caps
    removes toxins from large intestine; bulks up stool
  • Colon Clear
    aid in removing toxins from body
  • Bromelain + CLA*
    breaks down pathogenic material & assists in digestion
  • Beta TCP*
    helps drain gallbladder; support removal of toxins out of body and digestion of fat
  • Pure Body Clear
    gentle detoxification support for liver, kidney, lymphatic, and gallbladder function
  • Bio-Protect*
    antioxidant; provides protection from harmful free radicals the body produces while removing toxins
  • ADP
    natural antibiotic used to eliminate harmful pathogens that live in the body
  • Omega 3 w/ CoQ10*
    reduces pain and inflammation and provides healthy fats for gut, cardiovascular, and nervous system repair
  • Seleme Health Shaker Bottle & Pill Holder/Organizer
  • Program Manual, hard copy (a .pdf file will be sent to you to keep forever!)

*new products in the detox program

Registration is FREE and the only cost is for the detox box, which is $402 (including tax), meaning that for less than $20/day, you’ll be doing your body a huge favor by getting it’s state of health back on track after however many decades (and we at Seleme Health would say that’s a worthwhile investment)!  To make things even easier, the Detox Box can shipped to you for an extra $25, which includes insurance.

Detoxifying your body doesn’t have to be painful or difficult.  If you follow my program, you’ll be provided with everything you need for a successful cleanse, be able to cleanse in the comfort of your home, and have access to direct support and camaraderie from me and other program participants online.

I hope you’ll join us March 1, 2015 for the Body Purification Cleanse!  Call the office or speak to Edie at the front desk to register!

– Dr. Venus Seleme

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