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Letter to All Patients: New Changes at Seleme Wellness Center

Wonderful Patients and Friends, As I write this, I am sure you all are busy getting ready to move into the holiday season.  This email serves as an update on the latest shifts occurring at Seleme Wellness.  Recently, I have begun to move into a direction of healing in group settings, teaching wellness and transformative […]

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5 Easy Steps to Shed Post-Holiday Weight & Toxins

The holiday season fun is almost over and it’s back to reality… but are you already facing reality when trying to stuff your thighs and belly into your jeans post-holiday? Ouchy!! How do you reel it back in when you have spent a month chanting the mantra, “Chocolate and Wine, Chocolate and Wine”?! and eating all […]

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Healing Modalities

How Does The Vibrational Frequency of Red Roses Heal?

Albert Einstein taught us through E = mc 2 that all things in life emit vibrational frequencies and that all things are simply energy in different vibrational forms. Basically, this means every cell that makes up you is energy as well as all colors on the spectrum wheel, therefore the energy of colors can affect your energy. It’s really that simple! Color […]

Environmental Toxins

Wheat Today, Immunity Gone Tomorrow!

Sick and tired of trying to figure out just what is wrong with your digestion? It may have something to do with gluten intolerance. If you eat “regular” bread and pasta, you may wonder how something so wonderful and fluffy, that tastes great with burgers and awesome as spaghetti, got such a bad wrap. I find […]

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Mental, Emotional, & Spiritual Health

Happy Emotions, Happy Heart

Valentine’s day in the month of February has us focused on loving and taking care of others emotional and physical hearts, which is a beautiful thing….. but so is taking care of yourself. Let’s be honest, when it comes to loving our bodies and minds we probably treat others better than we treat ourselves. How […]

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